Class information

Kindergarten 1 + 2

We usually accept children during the term that they are 3 years old, at this age they would join our Kindergarten 1 class. Our Kindergarten classes are an introduction to dance through movement to music, nursery rhymes, role play/mime and action songs.

Primary Ballet

Our Primary Ballet class prepares students for their initial ballet exams.

Intro/Prep Tap

This tap class is for young beginners and prepares students for their first tap exams.

Intro/Prep Modern

This is a beginners Modern class, it introduces Modern dance to the pupil, and prepares them for the first exams.

Further Class Info

In most of our classes we also work towards Medals, which are when a student performs a rehearsed dance for an examiner, who marks them and awards the student with a medal.

Introductory 1 + 2

After our Kindergarten classes students progress to our Introductory classes. Our Introductory classes build on what is learnt in the Kindergarten class and still include nursery rhymes, mime, and action songs but also introduce simple ballet to the pupil.

Ballet Classes

After our Primary ballet class a student will progress up through the classes according to their grade/age.

Tap Classes

After our Intro/Prep tap class, students progress through the graded classes according to their grade and age.

Modern Classes

After our Intro/Prep modern class, students progress through the graded classes according to their grade and age.

Annual Show

We offer every student the opportunity to perform in our annual show which takes place at the Blackledge Theatre, Godolphin School. Most rehearsals for the annual show take place in class time.

Other Information

Our current fees are £48.00 per subject per term, with sibling and multiple subject discounts available.
A term is approximately 12 weeks and runs alongside the school term.